Our company

tm-media Limited has reached various achievements in the range of new media and business communication.


The creation of costumer advantages through the improvement of internal and external communication as well the presentation and visualisation of content among others.

tm-media Limited have been working tirelessly since 1999 to achieve their goal of a network of assistants and co-operations.

This network consists of companies and free assistants in range of organization consulting, programming, designing, engineering and business comunication.

Our philosophy

In front of every project is a question:

Where does the costumer stand and where do they want to go?


The destination isn´t always clearly defined. Costumers and agency often work it out together.

Only then a way could be found and a strategy fixed.

Our challenge is to reach the best issue. That´s the reason we create a special team for each project.

tm-media follows the costumer in every single phase of the project.

Conception, designing, developing and operating.